2021 Q4 Quarterly Outlook – Navigating a Cloudy Horizon

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After posting very strong returns to start 2021, we head into the homestretch of the year with stock markets grappling with multiple concerns. Investors continue to struggle with trying to determine the effects of Covid-19 on global growth while also trying to digest the ever-changing proposals on raising the debt ceiling, taxes, and spending emanating from Washington. Market participants are also being asked to pay attention to regulatory shifts out of China. Throw in concerns over inflation and interest rates and it can seem overwhelming. However, this is nothing that investors haven’t had to face before and if corporate earnings remain strong, we expect equity markets to continue to flex their muscles. Headline worries drove the S&P 500 down 4.7% for September but it remains up 15.9% year-to-date and October should refocus investors on the health of corporate America as earnings season kicks off. In this Outlook we share our thoughts on various asset classes and where we’re seeing the best near-term opportunities in this cloudy market. Please reach out to your Edge financial advisor with any questions.