We founded Edge in 2006 on the premise that individuals, families, and institutions with significant wealth deserve serious, individualized attention. As an independent firm, our advice is always sincere and guided by our clients’ best interests. This is a necessary and integral part of not only building the best customized and holistic solutions for our clients, but to ensure that integrity and mutual respect are at the root of every relationship we foster.


INTEGRITY. Being fiduciaries, we act accordingly holding ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards, remaining completely transparent and objective in service to our clients.

THINKING. We evaluate each client’s circumstances and goals carefully through a variety of perspectives, in-depth research, and prudent, forward-focused judgment. Every decision we make is filtered through our long-term time horizon. We respect every client’s desired level of information and involvement, and tailor our engagement accordingly.

PARTNERSHIP. We vow to chart a wealth management plan that successfully aligns our clients’ objectives with our extensive knowledge, experience, and analysis. We are committed to building the company for the long-term, not taking short cuts, and seeking excellence in all areas of our business.