Our founding partners left top Wall Street investment firms in 2006 because they believed they discovered a better way to serve our clients as a fiduciary.  Edge Capital was created to combine high touch service and sophisticated financial advice for clients with significant wealth.  We provide comprehensive wealth management through custom-tailored investment portfolios, integrated with advanced financial planning and family office services supported by the coordination of our clients’ other advisors.

Our culture of teamwork and innovation continues to drive our evolution today.  We have over thirty talented professionals serving a select number of clients from six physical locations.  Edge Capital brings access to a global network of resources and investment partners to help our clients meet their personal, generational, and philanthropic objectives in a trusted relationship with continuity and education for the next generation of family stewards. Our client retention rate is approximately 97%, with many decade-long client relationships.

As a fiduciary, we strive to ensure our advice is always objective, and we act in our clients’ best interests. This is a necessary and integral part of building the best customized and comprehensive solutions for our clients. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals with tailored solutions that meet their unique and individual needs.


INTEGRITY. We built our firm on integrity and trust because doing what is right for you is better for our business in the long run. Being fiduciaries, we act in your best interests and hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards, remaining completely transparent and objective in service to our clients.

THINKING. We evaluate each client’s circumstances and goals carefully through a variety of perspectives, in-depth research, and prudent, independent judgment. Every decision we make is filtered through our long-term time horizon. We respect every client’s desired level of information and involvement and tailor our engagement accordingly. We continuously monitor the market to help you navigate volatile conditions.

PARTNERSHIP. We are accountable to our clients – we say what we do and do what we say. We help you make more informed and effective financial decisions that will allow you to feel relieved, confident, self-assured and empowered.