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We are a Wealth Management firm offering comprehensive and tailored services while acting in your best interest as fiduciaries.

Core Services

Our investment management services are custom-tailored to your needs.  We objectively build what we believe are the most appropriate customized portfolios for you.

  • Tailored asset allocation design in pursuit of attractive risk-adjusted returns and after-tax results
  • Management of active, index-based, and illiquid investments according to your goals and market conditions
  • Global access to talented traditional and alternative managers
  • Intensive due diligence of index-based and active third-party managers
  • Leverage our scale and purchasing power to negotiate discounted manager fees where possible
  • In-house expertise in dividend equity strategies (Blue Current) and short duration fixed income
  • Impact and goals-based investing
  • Incorporation and monitoring of legacy investments
  • Management of concentrated and restricted stock positions

Our advanced financial planning and family office services support and simplify your full financial life.

  • Cash flow, tax structure, and estate planning analysis to help identify savings opportunities
  • Next-generation education and preparation for responsible inheritance
  • Analysis of charitable funding and structures for philanthropic giving
  • Consolidated reporting provides a single point of review of your full financial life, regardless of where your assets are held
  • Negotiate and oversee your insurance, banking, credit, and mortgage solutions from multiple providers
  • Safe and secure storage in the digital Edge Vault to organize and share important family documents

It takes a team, so we communicate and coordinate with our clients’ other trusted professionals and facilitate access to additional professionals, where needed, to ensure our clients’ full financial lives are served.

This team includes attorneys, accountants, insurance firms, lending specialists, and other financial experts (who may or may not currently work with a specific client) all coming together to help ensure that our clients are protected and that nothing slips through the cracks.

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Years of creating unique solutions have allowed us a tactical understanding of wealth management success. That’s why we created Blue Current, our internal asset management division with a niche focus on income strategies. The Global Dividend Strategy utilizes its investment expertise in growing cash flow through what we believe is a niche universe of high quality, dividend-paying companies with sustainable business models and dividend policies. The primary objectives are to pay a stable and increasing dividend each quarter and deliver attractive long term capital appreciation to investors. The Ultra-Short Fixed Income Strategy specializes in managing short-duration fixed income portfolios customized to the unique needs of institutions and individuals. To find out more, visit the Blue Current website or ask your Edge advisor if this portfolio is appropriate for your wealth management solution.

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Investing With Edge Capital

The wealth profiles of our clients cover a broad spectrum, including those who have earned a spot on Forbes Billionaires or Wealthiest Families lists. But they all come to us looking for the same thing: a dedicated partner in helping them seamlessly achieve their wealth management objectives.

  • Multigenerational estate planning including family mission statements, insurance strategies, and philanthropic support.
  • Family wealth solutions inclusive of next-generation education and preparation for responsible inheritance.
  • Partnering our clients with highly regarded legal and accounting firms for financial reporting, trust administration, operating business and tax reporting.
  • Connecting clients with the best banking and credit solutions, including cash flow management and mortgage options.
  • Scalable engagement and communication suited to each client’s preferences for information and involvement.

Expertise in Alternative Investments

When appropriate and well advised, Edge will utilize alternative investments as a means of increasing diversification and reducing overall volatility in client portfolios. We consider such factors as liquidity, transparency, tax efficiency, and complexity in our selections.

Edge brings extensive knowledge and experience in alternative investments based on decades experience. We dedicate the necessary resources to researching and sourcing non-traditional investments including hedge funds, private equity, and private real-estate. Edge has an established alliance with a third party alternative research firm from whom we seek expertise on various aspects of hedge fund due diligence including but not limited to investment, operational and risk. This unique resource provides access to more than 180 additional research staff in 12 locations around the world focused solely on alternative research and due diligence.

We also have experience investing in non-marketable assets including physical real assets (e.g., commodities, private real estate), as well as private corporate strategies (e.g., venture capital, distressed opportunities, mezzanine debt).

Consolidated Performance Reporting Capabilities

True consolidated performance reporting is no longer just an optional service provided by advisors, but rather a requirement by family offices and affluent individuals.  With the growing demand for objectivity and transparency from their advisors, clients demand a better performance reporting system that can not only assist in properly evaluating their asset allocation and their advisors (performance, risk, etc.), but can also assist in making more informed wealth management decisions (e.g., asset location, asset protection, generational transfers, philanthropic goals, tax planning, etc.).

Therefore, a robust consolidated performance reporting system is essential for the proper implementation of a truly integrated wealth management delivery model.

Edge partners with external third party reporting parties to provide consolidated performance reporting and accounting aggregation.  Using their technologies, Edge is able to collect data for all asset classes including traditional marketable securities, hedge funds, and other alternative investments and provide consolidated asset reports to our clients.
Performance reports are able to be produced on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis depending on the specific requirements of each client.

Edge takes pride in the ability to customize client reports to include specific performance metrics, time horizons, and benchmarks. In addition, subject to client written consent, we can provide tax information on a quarterly basis to client’s tax advisors.

Our reporting platform supports our open architecture beliefs. These systems are tailored for very sophisticated investors and we strongly believe that our Firm’s consolidation capabilities should assist in the reduction of the amount of reconciliation performed by our clients and their accountants thereby reducing their administrative burdens and overall costs.