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2021 Q2 Outlook

Edge Capital Q2 2021 Outlook Different crisis, similar recovery Investing is always about the future, but we can learn a lot from the past. Last…

2021 Q1 Outlook

  Click here to read our full Edge Capital Q1 2021 Outlook A new hope. Following the 2020 deterioration of the global economy, there is…

2020 Q3 Outlook

  Click here to read our full 2020 Q3 Outlook. Beyond COVID. Once we are through the pandemic, researchers will do a financial assessment on…

Edge Q2 2020 Quarterly Outlook

If there ever was a time to question what you believe, this may be it. Would you believe that an illness infecting less than 0.04%…

Q1 2020 Quarterly Outlook

In a year during which many investors fled to safe-haven assets such as cash, the S&P 500 generated a return of 31.5% in 2019, placing…

Q4 2019 Quarterly Outlook

Edge Capital Group Q4 2019 Quarterly Outlook The barrage of negative economic and political headlines has resulted in a strong feeling of uneasiness in the…

Q3 2019 Quarterly Outlook

Edge Capital Group Q3 2019 Outlook The market is expecting that the US Federal Reserve will lower interest rates in late July, and potentially one…

Q2 2019 Quarterly Outlook

Whether the Federal Reserve bowed to political pressure or re-examined with fresh eyes the muddled (but weakening) fourth-quarter economic data, the renewed December policy language…

Q1 2019 Quarterly Outlook

Edge Capital Group Q1 2019 Outlook Investor sentiment dissolved quickly during the fourth quarter, wiping out earlier 2018 gains and pushing global equity markets soundly…

Q4 2018 Quarterly Outlook

Edge Capital Group Q4 2018 Outlook After an exceptionally strong and resilient third quarter for US equities, the bears have stirred up market volatility again…


The threat of a global trade war has escalated, both in the monetary value of the tariffs being levied and the number of nations that…

Q2 2018 Quarterly Outlook

Rising interest rates and concerns over an overheating US economy were enough to finally reverse one of the longest unabated market streaks in recent history,…

Q1 2018 Quarterly Outlook

In our Q2 2017 Outlook published in April we shared our enthusiasm that after years of sluggish growth and an anemic consumer and business cycle,…

Q4 2017 Quarterly Outlook

Unfortunately for many families living in the Southeastern United States, the 2017 hurricane season has been one of the most devastating in recent history. The…

Q3 2017 Quarterly Outlook

Two items that are currently occupying media headlines (aside from Trump) and benefit the U.S. consumer include The Amazon Effect and stubbornly low oil prices. While seemingly disparate topics, both are interconnected and provide strong tailwinds for the U.S. consumer in a variety of ways.

Q2 2017 Quarterly Outlook

In recent years, at our internal research meetings, we have discussed when the US economy would experience the later innings of the business cycle, and whether we would see the classic signposts that denoted the end of prior cycles. Our concern was that the longest running experiment in monetary policy would extend the low growth economy indefinitely, never getting too hot or too cold, but overshadowed by a consumer or business cycle that never really got going.

Q1 2017 Quarterly Outlook

We have published a special report on “Preparing For A Trump Presidency” in addition to our Quarterly Outlook this quarter.

Q4 2016 Quarterly Outlook

The Wall Street expression that “markets climb a wall of worry” was certainly true during the third quarter. Despite Brexit, the opening of a contentious U.S. presidential election, a spike in interest rates, scattered police and racial violence, and another quarter of negative earnings growth, broad equity markets turned in one of the stronger third quarter performances in recent years.

Q3 2016 Quarterly Outlook

It seems like the investor thirst for yield is unending.

Q2 2016- Quarterly Outlook

If you closed your eyes during the quarter, you missed one heck of a ride.

Q1 2016 – Quarterly Outlook

Despite the weak start to the year, we remind investors that sentiment can dictate short-term performance, but fundamentals are ultimately responsible for long-term returns. In the accompanying slides, we highlight opportunities for 2016.

Q4 2015 Outlook- Stick to the Plan

Stick to the Plan Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”  While we…

Q3 Outlook 2015 – Investors want certainty when it is hard to find

Market sentiment turned very sour as we exited the second quarter and this sentiment
persisted through early July

Q2 Outlook 2015- Hold the Line Through the Turns

Some of our colleagues at Edge are driving enthusiasts; thus, as a follow-on to our first quarter outlook theme “Engine is Still Running Under the Hood,” we find it only appropriate to follow it this quarter with the remark “Hold the Line Through the Turns.”

Q1 2015 Outlook: Engine is Still Running Under the Hood

We are prepared to revisit the roadmap as needed but feel confident that the “vehicle” by which we achieve our individual investment goals remains in running shape.

Q4 2014 Outlook: Trick or Treat?

Has the world fundamentally changed during these past four weeks?

Q3 2014 Outlook: Moderation is a Virtue

“Moderation is a virtue only in those who are thought to have an alternative,” so says Henry Kissinger. Perhaps it is this thought that some global central banks took to heart in recent years.

Q2 2014 Outlook: Canceling Out the Noise

This is an appropriate metaphor for investing. We must actively work to filter the data we receive so that we can concentrate on what matters and not be distracted by the talking heads.

Q1 2014 Outlook: One of These Things is Not Like The Other

In the investment world, differences are where value is created. We are not talking about that dangerous phrase “This time it is different.” No, we are talking about finding those little disconnects that others have not quite picked up on or perhaps don’t fully believe quite yet.

Q4 2013 Outlook – Focus on What You Can Control

In the face of these outside influences, we must focus on what we know – that valuation is the guide to good returns. As investors, we can exert our control by being selective in the assets we own. By having a plan yet staying flexible, we will be able to find the path to our long-term investment goals.

Q3 2013 Outlook – Back to the Future

The second quarter of 2013 saw an important dynamic shift – the market’s perception of the US Federal Reserve’s posture.

Q2 2013 Outlook – Eyes on the Horizon

In this Quarterly Outlook, we place our comments on recent events into the context of our forward-return frameworks, understanding how each may affect the drivers of risk and return within asset classes over the next few years.