Fed Holds, Signals Cuts

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Fed Holds, Signals Cuts

At the FOMC meeting last week the Fed chose not to cut the Fed Funds Rate, but hinted that future cuts might be on the…

2019 Tax and Planning Guide

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Edge Research Insights: Fed Disappoints but Shows Flexibility

Download Full Commentary Here: Edge Research Insights: Fed Disappoints but Shows Flexibility

Edge Research Insights: Credit Tightening Accelerating Volatility

Credit Tightening Accelerating Volatility Download Full Commentary Here: Edge Research Insights: Credit Tightening Accelerating Volatility The US equity market has been the sole standout performer…

Getting on the Same Page: Developing an Investment Policy Statement


Balancing Both Sides: Using Both Sides of your Balance Sheet


The Return to Normal

THE RETURN TO NORMAL Download full commentary here: THE RETURN TO NORMAL With the opening this morning, the S&P 500, and most other major equity…


YEAR-END CONSIDERATIONS AS TAX REFORM BECOMES MORE LIKELY House and Senate Republicans announced today that a deal on tax reform is pending which indicates that…

A Blank Piece of Paper

A well- thought-through plan and sustainable governance process for your family can be molded into any future tax regime and
will stand the test of time for generations to come.

Preparing For A Trump Presidency

Between tweeting and spectacle press events, the next four years will be entertaining yet volatile for the financial markets…

The Need For Longer-Dated US Debt

For the last several years, historically low interest rates have provided the US government an attractive option to extend the average maturity of US Treasury obligations, saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

Election Commentary

Once again, the people have spoken and the voices of America have decided on a new President.

Election Update

We participated in an election update conference call this morning with Dan Clinton, Strategas’ Head of Political Research, and David Wasserman, the House Editor for The Cook Political Report. Read more about what Dan Clinton and David Wasserman had to say on the upcoming election.

Autonomous Vehicles Impacting You

Summary A week ago we touch on the impact of autonomous vehicles. It’s a world of possibility out there. We have to keep both our eyes…

What Is Up With Libor?

Money market reform has caused a significant shift in buyer demand for short-term capital.

Treasury Prompts Planning Opportunity

The past month has brought about a number of concerns from those in the estate planning world after the Treasury Department released new proposed regulations for Section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Higher Growth Doesn’t Always Mean Higher Returns

Recent fears regarding Brexit and its potentially detrimental impact on economic growth have market prognosticators worried about the resulting side effects on financial markets.

Money Market Funds Under Fire

Money market funds (MMFs) remain under fire as they try to maintain their role in the liquidity markets.

Early Thoughts After The UK Referendum

It is not often that financial markets are so dramatically wrong about a potential outcome.

Millennials’ Health and Wellness Tastes

Have you been to the grocery store lately? Do the items on the shelves seem to be part of some large, elaborate hoax?

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It

Jobs in America are evolving before our eyes.

Why Global?

Why should I invest in any equity outside the United States?

Blue Current Global Dividend Strategy Recent Performance

Check out how our Blue Current Global Dividend Strategy has recently performed

Classic Cars Outperform Gold, Stocks, and Art

For those not familiar with Passion Investing, the label broadly describes a narrow slice of the investment world that appeals to an individual not simply for the capital appreciation potential, but also for its collectability and emotion.

The Search for Yield and Negative Rates

Investors in high-quality, fixed income securities have been battling the low interest rate environment ever since the start of the financial crisis in 2008.

The Brewing Student Debt Problem

Student loans slowly began to fill the pot of household debt during the turn of the millennia.

What is Always Eating Away at Your Portfolio?

Inflation. Spending. Taxes. As we begin a new year, we thought it appropriate to review one of the largest drags on a portfolio: Taxes.

Edge Insight- The Devil Is In The Details

The interest rate action was widely expected, but “the devil is in the details” as the idiom goes.

‘Tis the Season for Spending

What does YOLO (You Only Live Once) have to do with it? With Holiday music now filling the stores and relentless ads from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and beyond hitting our inboxes, we decided to take a deeper look into the future of the American consumer, the Millennial, and how this generation’s evolving preferences will influence consumer spending.

In Defense of Rebalancing

Turning the calendar from one month to the next should not have any bearing on equity market performance. In reality, however, it seems that market sentiment does actually change once we move into a new month, quarter, etc.

The Impact of a Strong Dollar for Global Investors

The U.S. dollar has strengthened against most developed and emerging market currencies over the last few years and appears poised to continue on this path.

Fed Is Swimming In Muddy Waters

If inflation is an “always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon,” where is it today?

The Search for Alpha

As asset allocators with long-term investment perspectives, our duty to investors is to constantly analyze market conditions and seek investment opportunities that have the potential to generate returns in excess of global indices

Value vs. Growth

If Edge was forced to put its equity philosophy in a bucket, we would have to choose value.

Crude Oil Impact on MLPs and Energy Renaissance

Dramatic swings in the price of a high-profile, globally-traded commodity such as oil have had significant short-term impact on the prices of our favored investments in MLPs and the broad energy value chain.

Money Market Funds Under Fire

Money market funds (MMFs) remain under fire as they try to maintain their role in the liquidity markets.

Hard Times, Easy Money, & Sleeping Well

We thought it timely to revisit our thoughtful white paper – Hard Times, Easy Money, & Sleeping Well – that we published exactly two years ago to summarize our forward looking views and provide for additional summer reading.

Evaluating Opportunities in Emerging Markets

As emerging markets continue to develop their capital markets, foreign capital available for investment and economic growth has significantly increased.

Our Current Thinking On Global Macroeconomics & Financial Markets

There is a lot going on today and below are some thoughts we have on global macroeconomics and financial markets generally. Our focus will be on expressing our opinions in the discussion but will touch on some high level datapoints. We will avoid recounting the litany of data that has come out in recent months and weeks.

Assessing Europe

Europe’s structural challenges mean the region faces a prolonged period of poor economic growth. Despite the generally unfavorable outlook, however, we must be mindful that there are niche opportunities to generate attractive returns.