Evaluating Opportunities in Emerging Markets

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Evaluating Opportunities in Emerging Markets

As emerging markets continue to develop their capital markets, foreign capital available for investment and economic growth has significantly increased.

Our Current Thinking On Global Macroeconomics & Financial Markets

There is a lot going on today and below are some thoughts we have on global macroeconomics and financial markets generally. Our focus will be on expressing our opinions in the discussion but will touch on some high level datapoints. We will avoid recounting the litany of data that has come out in recent months and weeks.

Assessing Europe

Europe’s structural challenges mean the region faces a prolonged period of poor economic growth. Despite the generally unfavorable outlook, however, we must be mindful that there are niche opportunities to generate attractive returns.

Brazil: Short-Term Challenges Provide Long-Term Opportunity

Challenges create financial market opportunities and our responsibility as investment advisors is to determine if the opportunities can be monetized and if so, how.

Thinking with Leaders

Last month our Research Team traveled to London, New York, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to visit current and prospective investment managers. These managers invest in fixed income, equities and real assets in both long-short and long-only strategies. During our meetings we discussed the outlook for these asset classes in light of the economy, public policy, and financial regulation.

Brazil: Why, and Why Now

Over the last two years our Research Team has visited Brazil, Russia and China in order to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and risks these markets offer our clients. These economies, which together with India form the “BRIC” group of emerging markets, are increasingly important to global economic growth.

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) – Assessing Risks and Returns

As investors have sought assets capable of generating both yield and growth, Master Limited Partnership (MLPs) have attracted significant investor interest recently.

Are We Near a Bottom?

The oldest and most sophisticated investors feel the current bear market most resembles the 1973-1974 Bear Market. What are the implications?

Asset Allocation in Practice

We further illustrate our process in using knowledge and experience to manage portfolios for our clients. The points are an addendum to the views we explained more fully in the Yale Endowment White Paper (July 2007).

The Yale Endowment Approach – Can It Work For Individual Investors?

The Yale Endowment is arguably the most successful investment institution with a 17.2% annualized return from 1986 – 2006. Should wealthy taxable investors replicate their endowment investment approach?