Our clients have worked hard to achieve serious financial security. But with that wealth comes complexity. They need more from an advisor than off-the-shelf wealth management models, they need a partner. At Edge, our clients find a seasoned, dedicated team providing full-service and sophisticated solutions. They gain access to a global network of managers and unique strategies developed by Edge. Most importantly, they get integrity, loyalty, and top-shelf, individualized attention.

  • Our high net-worth individual clients typically have unique portfolio or family circumstances and need an advisor who can execute multigenerational wealth management.
  • Many clients look to Edge to be their financial partner and mediator, helping to educate the next generation for responsible inheritance, implementing well-structured strategies to achieve financial goals, and facilitating delicate family discussions about wealth transfer.
  • Family office clients come to us to preserve capital and increase financial stability. They need flexibility in an advisor, one that shares the entrepreneurial mindset that helped them achieve their own financial status.
  • Our institutional clients seek advisors to help them execute their core mission. These clients expect the same loyalty, integrity, and transparency that their stakeholders demand from them.


Edge Capital Group understands a higher level of wealth deserves the highest level of service. To take the first step toward outstanding service in wealth management, contact Edge Capital today to begin receiving the serious attention that you’ve earned.