Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible.  You could say that was Theresa May’s mandate.  She faced a daunting task to execute on a 2016 referendum to separate the UK from the European Union (EU) in the so-called Brexit.  Three years into the process, having secured a deal from the EU she was unable to bring her nation to agreement and complete her task.  It is suggested that she offered the option of a second referendum in her final attempt to pass the deal which caused the tenuous support in her own party to capitulate.  And so, the Brexit saga continues with an uncertain future with much depending on who is the next Prime Minister.

As Theresa May departs the top role, we remember that prior to the fateful referendum vote that she was actually in the Remain camp and foretold the divisiveness that a Leave result would bring.  But duty called and she sought to deliver what she thought the people of the UK wanted.  Instead, Parliament is unable to pass even a non-binding resolution to chart a course anywhere along the spectrum of Leave and Remain.  She is a casualty of our divided times.

This Monday is Memorial Day in the United States – a day in which we remember and honor all of those who have died serving in our nation’s Armed Forces.  We are thankful for the heroes who sacrificed everything for the protection and liberty of those at home and around the world.  In the face of adversity and danger, they stood their ground for a common cause.  From their charge, we should take time this day to look around and see that people are not so different as much as we are the same.

We should accept as our mission to find our common ground from which we can stand together for the greater good…because it is possible.