Rising College Sophomores Explore Wealth Management with the help of Edge

When Edge was formed in 2006, the founders crafted the firm’s mission statement.  Making our communities a better place for everyone became a cornerstone for the mission of the firm.

At Edge, philanthropy encompasses more than sharing our financial resources (treasures).  We believe that we can have a positive impact on young people by collectively sharing our time and talents, too.

Recently, we held our first Introships event for 40+ enthusiastic rising college sophomores from the Charlotte area. Edge Partner and Advisor, Kendrick Mattox and Portfolio Manager, Neal Deaton presented wealth management career path ideas with the students.

Introships is a program for college students to explore a variety of industries and careers. This equips them with accurate and complete information that they can use to build a purposeful plan towards their desired career path. Sometimes, college students may know they want a career in the finance industry, yet they do not know the difference between investment banking, private equity, and wealth management. Introships bridges that gap by breaking down the different aspects of the financial industry to better assist the students on their career pursuits.

Wealth management industry veteran, Kendrick Mattox, says “Introships are a great way to assist college students who are interested in working hard and being successful, but are unsure of where to focus their attention.  We want them to have this knowledge base while they are studying and preparing for actual internships, as opposed to after they have been in the working world for a few years.”

This year, the Introships program includes 40+ students, as well as 40+ businesses, meeting via Zoom.  Firms from Charlotte, Atlanta, and Norfolk came together for this year’s program. In 2022, we look forward to hosting the program in-person, which will add even more value to our participants.

“It was great to share an in-depth view of the wealth management world, how we got here, and what keeps it interesting for us every day.  It is so important for college students to be able to hit the ground running once they graduate and begin their careers” said Edge Portfolio Manager, Neal Deaton.

To watch the full presentation, click here: https://www.introships.com/edge-capital

To learn more about the Introships program visit www.introships.com/