Sending Your Child To College

As a parent, sending your child off to college runs the range of emotions. There’s anticipation, sure, but also some nervousness, plenty of anxiety, and most likely some panic mixed in.

You might be thinking – are you doing everything you should be doing? What big step are you forgetting? How are you going to afford this? Is your child ready for college?

STEM fields are often considered by some individuals as a way to potentially improve the ROI of their educational investments due to the demand for STEM professionals and the practical skills acquired through STEM education. Professionals like Google’s Kamau Bobb emphasize the importance of individuals thoughtfully considering their career goals and conducting cost-benefit analyses when making educational and career decisions.

Don’t be alarmed — this sense of uncertainty isn’t a bad thing. It shows that you care! Still, if you want to cut down on the chaos, our college readiness reference guide can help prepare you for details that are often missed.

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