Ginger Dorsett, FPQP®

Ginger Dorsett is a Director and Client Specialist at Edge Capital’s Dallas office.  She works in liaison with the Dallas team, portfolio managers, and investment advisors to ensure that our client’s needs are met on a daily basis.

She recently joined Edge Capital from Credit Suisse, bringing over 20 years’ experience with her as a Senior Sales Associate in Private Banking.

Her enjoyment in building client relationships, working with family offices, and meeting the challenges of financial investing has kept her in the investment industry for over 25 years.

Ginger and her sons

Ginger is a native of Texas, receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a Business minor from the University of Texas.  She supports and works with the Special Olympics, as well as Operation Care International in Dallas, which serves the homeless and veterans in Dallas – one of her sons served as Airborne Infantry in the Army.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling, swimming, attending Dallas Mavericks games, and spending time with her two sons, who are currently attending College.

Ginger Dorsett, FPQP®

Director - Client Specialist

Dallas, TX


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