Michelle Dickson, FPQP®

Michelle Dickson is a Director and Client Specialist in Edge Capital’s Dallas office, where she works with the team to meet the needs of our individual and institutional clients on a daily basis. Michelle loves building relationships and working in a service-oriented environment, and she especially enjoys the constantly evolving nature of working in the financial markets.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from Georgia State University. Prior to joining Edge, she held positions in marketing, operations management, and portfolio trading with GLOBALT Investments. Michelle is excited to live and work in Dallas, where her values and outlook are shared.

Michelle enjoys traveling in her free time. Most recently she visited the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland.

Michelle believes in showing support for our military and does so through her work with two organizations: HeroPortraits, an organization that provides oil portraits to the families of fallen soldiers, and Devil Dog Support Team (DDST), which provides care packages and correspondence to seven “adopted” U.S. Marine battalions.

In her free time, Michelle is a Crossfit enthusiast and enjoys running in half marathons and obstacle course races.

Michelle Dickson, FPQP®

Director - Client Specialist

Dallas, TX



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