Nicole Pichon

Nicole Pichon is a Director and Client Specialist in Edge Capital’s Atlanta office. She works with the Atlanta and Nashville teams, portfolio managers, and investment advisors to ensure that clients’ needs are met on a daily basis.

She recently joined Edge Capital from Merrill Lynch, and has over 20 years’ experience in investments, financial consulting, and high-level client service. She enjoys building relationships and providing exceptional service to clients and team members alike.

Nicole received her Bachelor’s degree from Howard University and her Master’s degree from Colorado State University. She is passionate about the arts and is also an avid sports fan. In her spare time she enjoys attending live concerts, plays, and sporting events. She is also an accomplished charcoal pencil artist.

Nicole is native of Denver, Colorado and relocated to Atlanta in 2014. She has one daughter, Morgan, who also resides in Atlanta.

Nicole Pichon

Director – Client Specialist

Atlanta, GA


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