There is a better future ahead

There is a better future ahead. No, that is not a market or economic forecast. Just a simple belief as we look to close this calendar year and begin anew. The 24-hour news cycle would have us believe that, at any given time, the world has either reached nirvana or that we are in an inescapable pit of despair. Neither is ever really true.  When it starts to feel that way, try stepping outside to take a short walk, breath the fresh air, feel the sunshine, and see others doing the same. While there remains the laundry list of challenges and uncertainty facing us in the new year, remember that is natural. The future is about uncertainty…and the possible. There is much good yet to come. Consider the approaching wave of innovations such as the incredible location-accurate and latency-reduced 5G cellular technology that will power the internet-connectedness of everything to that little super computer in your pocket. Now multiply that by machine learning, augmented reality, robotics, and human imagination and consider the possibilities. The world will be a different place in another ten years. Our job is to make it a better one.

What we are missing now is the Dream, or as Thomas Jefferson described it the “pursuit of happiness”. For it is in the pursuit that happiness can be found. The rapid pace of change these past few decades as globalization spread, walls came down (Berlin, Iron Curtain, China Seclusion) and technology advanced has left large segments of people who feel left out of the race without the skills or access they need to participate.  The Dream for them feels faded; a significant problem since it is the Dream that unites us.

People at home and around the world are more the same than they are different. We want to have pride in our daily work, the freedom to improve ourselves, and the opportunity to give our children a step forward when they begin their journey. As we look towards our future, we must consider how to bring the Dream back for everyone to have the opportunity to pursue their individual purpose and prosperity. Change will march on and so must we; the future will be bright if we make it so.