These are truly remarkable times.



These are truly remarkable times.  The uncertainty of the virus.  The interruption of the economy.  The disruption in daily lives. Worldwide.

What is most remarkable, however, is the strength of the human spirit.  Shaken from our over-scheduled lives and forced to adapt in order to protect our communities, we are finding each other again.  Both at work and at home, we are re-connecting in ways that we have not in some time.  The outgoing phone calls to touch base with family, friends, and colleagues.  Conversations started by asking how each other is doing.  Sharing what we are seeing and interested to hear from others.   Supporting one another in the difficult work that must be done along the way.

Social-distance is bringing us closer together.

How many more home-cooked meals are happening in your house?  How many more phone calls to your parents, kids, and grandkids?  How much more appreciated is the unconditional love from our furry friends?  Seeking some refuge from our ever-present screens, families are spending time together the “old-fashioned” way – playing cards, reading books, taking a walk around the yard.  Meanwhile, we are using technology to stay connected to our chosen communities.  Video conference calls with clients.  Virtual dinner parties and “happy hours”.

It builds confidence. 

Confidence that this too shall pass.  The human spirit is strong.  Its compassion for our global neighbors evident. The path forward is still unknown, but history has shown us that we will all find our way through… working together.



Will Skeean, CFA

Partner – Investment Management Team Chair