Q1 2018 Quarterly Outlook

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Q1 2018 Quarterly Outlook

In our Q2 2017 Outlook published in April we shared our enthusiasm that after years of sluggish growth and an anemic consumer and business cycle,…

Reading into the breakout a bit too much.

  They are calling it a “breakout” which is hard to say with a straight-face in the context of still secularly low interest rates. That…

Resolving to be worth more than a Continental.

2017 has been a year of significant financial, political, social, and natural events too numerous to recount.  These events caused us to witness both the…

We are all a little “taxed out.”

  The year is quickly coming to a close, but that does not mean it will necessarily be boring.  Spurred by the loss of a…

Get the hike out.

Get the hike out.  This week the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates for a third time this year increasing the target range to 1.25%…


YEAR-END CONSIDERATIONS AS TAX REFORM BECOMES MORE LIKELY House and Senate Republicans announced today that a deal on tax reform is pending which indicates that…

Bitcoin FOMO.

FOMO.  It feels like the only way to describe it.  We are not unique in using this moniker to describe the bitcoin frenzy.  While the…

Don’t get bent out of shape.

Let’s not get too bent out of shape about the US Treasury yield curve.  The steepness of the curve, as often measured by looking at…

It’s been a taxing week.

The US Senate released their version of tax reform this week and it shows some, but not perfect, alignment with the House version released earlier. …

I’ve got the Powell.

President Trump nominated current Fed Governor Jerome Powell to be the next Chair of the Federal Reserve when Janet Yellen’s term ends in January 2018. …

Blue Current Global Dividend Fund celebrates 3rd anniversary with Lipper Leader rating

ATLANTA, November 1, 2017 – The Blue Current Global Dividend Fund (NASDAQ: BCGDX) (“Fund”) announced the Fund received a Lipper Leader rating, the fund achieved…

The Passing Storms

Despite expected disruption to US GDP growth in Q3 from hurricanes hitting Texas and Florida, the economy posted an above-consensus annualized growth rate of 3.0%…

Q4 2017 Quarterly Outlook

Unfortunately for many families living in the Southeastern United States, the 2017 hurricane season has been one of the most devastating in recent history. The…

Another wall being built.

It is said that markets climb a wall of worry.  That certainly feels true this year as the wall seems ever extending higher and the…

It’s impossible to say.

It’s impossible to say.  This week’s major macroeconomic news in the United States was the release of an outline for the widest sweeping tax reform…

It’s all under control

It’s all under control. That is what Chinese regulators are thinking as they release plans to halt exchange-trading of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. This is in…

This time isn’t different.

This time is different. Four little words that are often the most dangerous in finance. Though the same can be applied when thinking about generational change. The so-called Millennials were said to be different than their parents. The group of people currently aged between 18 and 34 years old are not materialistic like their mothers and fathers.

Money defined.

Money is defined by its purpose. Money acts as a unit of account (it can be counted), a medium of exchange (it is accepted in trade for goods and services), and a store of value (what it will trade for stays stable). Nothing says that money must be backed by a sovereign promise like the paper currencies we think of as “real” money today (US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen and so forth).

There is an eerie quiet in the market.

There is an eerie quiet in the market. Domestic politics in the US continues to flail on healthcare much less being able to start tax reform and faces a possible government shutdown and a debt ceiling. Meanwhile the Federal Reserve is poised to shrink their balance sheet while inflation is subdued.

A Blank Piece of Paper

A well- thought-through plan and sustainable governance process for your family can be molded into any future tax regime and
will stand the test of time for generations to come.

Q3 2017 Quarterly Outlook

Two items that are currently occupying media headlines (aside from Trump) and benefit the U.S. consumer include The Amazon Effect and stubbornly low oil prices. While seemingly disparate topics, both are interconnected and provide strong tailwinds for the U.S. consumer in a variety of ways.

So far so good

So far so good. We are in the midst of second quarter earnings reports in the US and so far good numbers are showing up….

Let’s get to work.

  Let’s get to work.  Friday’s US jobs report showed a gain of 222,000 jobs added in the month of June which was better than…

No fireworks this week.

  No fireworks this week.  As everyone in the US gears up for a holiday weekend, the feel of summer is upon the markets as…

Welcome to the party.

Welcome to the party.  The big news this week is the addition of just over 200 stocks listed in the Chinese “A share” market (the…

Global central banks are not short on confidence.

Global central banks are not short on confidence.

Things can get hung up in a snap

Things can get hung up in a snap. That is probably what UK Prime Minister Theresa May is thinking.

Client Recruiting Among Dallas Wealth Advisors ‘FIERCE’ as Firm Builds Local Office

When a local family recently sold its publicly traded oil and gas company, they shunned the typical Wall Street houses and went with an independent wealth…

Minute by Minute

The Federal Reserve released the minutes from their most recent meeting this week. In it was an answer to a question that has lingered over the market for some time – what to do with the $4.5 trillion of securities residing on their balance sheet after years of expansive monetary policy.

Isn’t That a Peach?

Well, isn’t that a peach? Impeach. That is the word that has been on the lips of those in Washington D.C. and blasted across media outlets.

It’s Only Temporary

It’s only temporary. That’s the opinion of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen of the poor first quarter GDP growth in the United States.

World Trade Does A U-Turn

Perhaps the market sentiment that global trade was going to come to a halt was a bit premature. Many feared that the US would withdraw from all trade arrangements with its major trading partners.

Q2 2017 Quarterly Outlook

In recent years, at our internal research meetings, we have discussed when the US economy would experience the later innings of the business cycle, and whether we would see the classic signposts that denoted the end of prior cycles. Our concern was that the longest running experiment in monetary policy would extend the low growth economy indefinitely, never getting too hot or too cold, but overshadowed by a consumer or business cycle that never really got going.

Geopolitics Heat Up

Just when President Trump starts to move towards status quo, things start to get hairy.

Edge Capital Promotes Three Executives to Partner, Significantly Expanding Footprint in Texas

ATLANTA and DALLAS, April 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Edge Capital Partners, an independent investment advisory firm with approximately $3 billion in assets under management, today…

Republicans Get A Health Check

So much of the market’s expectations for “reflation” in the economy is based upon the premise that a White House and Congress dominated by Republicans could work together to quickly pass legislation.

It’s Sheer Madness

While there are many things going on around the world (the Dutch election in which the Euro-skeptic party won fewer than expected seats, the dovish read on the Federal Reserve after the expected rate hike, the no-action from the central banks in England, Japan, and Norway, etc), it is time for a little break.

Let There Be No Doubt

The upcoming meeting of the Federal Reserve on March 14-15 has been the most telegraphed policy meeting in recent memory.

Don’t Count Out The Fed

Don’t count out the Fed. With all the emphasis on the new administration’s fiscal policy, the release of the Federal Reserve’s meeting minutes this week came with little fanfare.

We Stand In the Great Divide

Talk about a split.