Meet Our Team

Edge takes a team-based approach to helping our clients RealizeMORE™. Our more than thirty professionals have attended some of the nation’s finest schools and have honed their judgement through years of experience. Our disciplined, diligent, and experienced team helps you attain your goals realistically and effectively.

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Amanda Brady
Director - Client Specialist
Meghan Bynum
Director - Client Specialist
Christie Crouch
Director- Reporting
Ansel Davis
Managing Director
Whit Davis
Partner - Research
Neal Deaton, CFP®
Director - Research
William DeButts
Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Michelle Dickson
Director - Client Specialist
Jeremy Diem
Director - Institutional Sales
Ginger Dorsett
Vice President - Client Specialist
Peek Garlington III
Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Carter Grimes
Will Guthrie
Analyst - Research
Stephen Halkos, CFA
Managing Director - Research
Alex Hassan
Research Analyst - Research
AK Hendrix
Partner - Client Specialist
Howell Hollis, CAIA
Director - Research
Stuart Huston
Associate - Research
Mary C. Johnston, CSCP®, IACCP®
Chief Compliance Officer
Harry Jones
Managing Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Barrett Karvis
Chief Operating Officer - Business Administration
Brendan Keelan, CFA
Director - Research
Elizabeth Mackie, CPA, CFP
Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Bill Maner
Advisory Director
Kendrick Mattox, CFA
Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Nancy McFadden
Analyst - Operations
Rebecca Montes
Analyst - Client Specialist
Jacobi Padgett, CIMA
Director - Research
Jimmy Patrick
Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Nicole Pichon
Vice President - Client Specialist
Bert Rayle
Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Paul Robertson
Partner - Senior Investment Advisor
Dennis Sabo, CFA
Partner - Research
Will Skeean, CFA
Partner - Chairman of the Board - Investment Management Team Chair - Senior Investment Advisor
Julia Zwicky
Associate - Client Specialist


Edge prides itself on our loyal and knowledgeable staff. Our more than thirty professionals have attended some of the nation’s finest schools and have honed their judgment through years of wealth management experience.

Due to the extensive knowledge required to customize wealth management solutions, we also routinely promote and reinvest in our team’s continual pursuit of education, research, and analysis.


Every Edge client is appointed a dedicated team who provides high-touch service and the personal attention paramount in delivering sophisticated, successful financial solutions.


Community Involvement

Individuals with serious wealth understand the benefit of philanthropy. We at Edge share that philosophy. As both a firm and as individuals, we focus on bettering our communities via active participation and charitable donations.