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Kendrick Mattox, Partner, Featured in Forbes Article and Podcast

Friends Talk Money PodcastWe are excited to announce that one of our Partners, Kendrick Mattox, was interviewed for a podcast that was discussed in an article on Forbes.com. Kendrick joined Pam Krueger (founder and CEO of Wealth Ramp and former co-host of PBS’s Money Track) on her podcast, “How To Do It Right”.

In this interview, Kendrick discusses one of the biggest ‘sins of investing’ – the importance of not selling a growth asset while it is temporarily down.  This is more challenging than it sounds, as it can be hard to sell stocks (or other growth assets, such as high yield bonds) as they are rising—like they have been over the last 12 to 18 months—knowing that you are giving up some potential gains, but it is an essential part of proper wealth management and can also help prevent one from panic selling in a down market.

Learn how to avoid this dangerous trap and other similar situations by reading the Mind Over Money: How To Do It Right article on Forbes or listen to the podcast by following the link below.

To read the full article in Forbes, click here: Mind Over Money: How To Do It Right

To listen to the podcast, please visit the following link: Friends Talk Money

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