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Michelle Dickson, FPQP®

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Michelle is a Director and Client Specialist in Edge Capital’s Atlanta office. In her role she works with each relationship team to meet the needs of our family offices, individuals, non-profits, and institutional clients on a daily basis. 

She enjoys building relationships and working in a service-oriented environment, and especially enjoys the constantly evolving nature of working in the financial markets. 

Born and raised in Atlanta, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from Georgia State University. Prior to joining Edge, she held positions in marketing, operations management, and portfolio trading with GLOBALT Investments. 

Michelle believes in showing support for our military and community through her work with HeroPortraits, an organization which provides oil portraits to the families of fallen soldiers, as well as assisting with care packages to “adopted” U.S. Marine battalions. Michelle is a former President of the Georgia Securities Traders Association and currently serves on the DSTA board. 

In her free time, Michelle enjoys traveling, being in the outdoors and is a CrossFit enthusiast.

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I provide quality client service with care, attention, and uncompromising adherence to strong principles. As a member of the client’s professional support network, I am guided by the Lord and faith every day, ensuring intricate and complex tasks are accomplished in a timely manner. Integrity builds the solid relationship which provides freedom and comfort to the client. I appreciate clients’ expression of gratitude which builds pride, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment.

-Michelle Dickson, FPQP®
Director, Client Specialist

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